Members Duties At Meetings

Members take turns performing the various duties that need to be done at our meetings.

Here are outlines of the specific duties that members may be allocated or for which they may volunteer.

General Approach
Members are encouraged and expected to contribute to the meeting and support other members. This would include accepting the authority of the Chair and helping the meeting run smoothly.

The person chairing a meeting has full responsibility for the content and running of the meeting. They should prepare an agenda of the activities they wish to perform at the meeting. Enough copies of the agenda should be brought to the meeting. (The Secretary can make copies if given a few days notice.)

The Chair does not have to arrange the venue for the meeting nor any special equipment needed. This is the responsibility of the Club Secretary. If the Chair requires any special equipment for the planned activities, he should contact the Secretary as soon as possible to ensure this can be provided.

Main Speakers
Main speakers (normally 1 or 2) are chosen at the previous meeting and should prepare a speech or presentation that will last the allotted time (generally 5 minutes but this may vary). At the meeting they will deliver the speech and will normally receive feedback from other members (see Evaluator below). The feedback will be used to refine their performance at future meetings.

Further details are available on:
Prepared Speeches

Feedback to an activity is given by an evaluator. This can be a specific person chosen for an activity or all members may give feedback. The feedback should be constructive even if it is not positive i.e. suggest alternatives rather than just saying something did not work well. Diplomatic phrases you can use include:

Have you thought about doing...
Perhaps you could try...
Why not experiment with...

Feedback on a speech would generally only deal with aspects of the presentation and performance, not the content for which a vote of thanks would be more appropriate.

Any activity can be evaluated including the whole meeting.

Most activities are timed. A timekeeper is chosen at each meeting. They use a stopwatch to measure the times of activities and display coloured cards to indicate:
(a) the activity should continue (green)
(a) the time is almost over and the speaker should prepare to finish (yellow)
(c) the allotted time has expired and the speaker should finish (red).

The time that each activity runs will vary and is set by the Chair.

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