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The Speak For Yourself web site is designed to be used by almost anyone with an interest in public speaking and related communication skills whether or not they are a member of the club.

You are free to use the information on this site for personal use in developing your own public speaking skills. If you with to publish any of the copyrighted information or use it for any non-personal reason, please contact us first.

Content Warnings

We occasionally publish reports and details of talks given by members. These may include views that may be controversial or may differ from your own. We rarely publish anything that is of an adult nature or contains offensive language.

Where we consider content to be unsuitable for younger people, we will normally include a warning that it is appropriate for adults only.

Links to other sites are also identified with warnings where necessary.

The site is not intended to be used as a debating platform so comments from visitors about specific topics are unlikely to be published.

If you find anything on our pages which you are unhappy with, please let us know your views. Following a comment or complaint, we will review the information published and decide whether it should be removed from the site. In these cases, our decision is final.

Information on this site is subject to change at any time without notice. Speak For Yourself and its members accept no liability for loss or injury arising from the use of information on these pages.

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